Gary wrote:
I believe they are human spammers as all the input fields are correctly filled out (phone in phone, address in address etc).
As I said they are mostly the same IP.
Would it be better to include this script in the processing script rather than at the top of the page?

If it is fixed list of IPs you could add them to the .htaccess file like this:

order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

This way it is handled by your webserver and you don't need to run a script on every page.

Keep in mind that a lot of comment spam is sent out from infected machines. So if the IPs belong to a big ISP it is possible to block a lot of users if you block the proxy.
Check the IPs via Arin to be sure
I have noticed that a blocked spammer will sometimes reconnect from a totally different IP and resubmit the same information.

Regarding the properly filled out forms, spam bots are pretty good about placing valid data into the correct fields, some are better then others.


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