Hey Gary

Gary wrote on 2009-10-20 20:31:
I have several sites that are getting hit with form spam. I have the script set up to capture the IP address so I know from where they come.

I see that a lot suggested CAPTCHA, I don't like those either.

The IP solution will give you a constant maintaince problem unless you save the submissions in database and look for similar postings, then blocks the IPs. Or just block them right away if they suggests the usual sheiitee like 400 euro casino rewards etc...

What I've done to fix those issues when I had them was to set a session var on the frontpage of the site and check on that. If it doesn't exists when the user enters the page with the form, then I tell them and just don't show the form. Of course the clever programmer can create a script that first goes to the frontpage, then the form page, but so far I'm pretty happy with the solution, no spam for 3 years :-)

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Kim Emax - masterminds.dk

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