Andrea Giammarchi wrote:

I checked the faq of their website. They say that I must have an an X session. I don't host myself my website. I want something that I can use only by using cpanel. What i want basically is allow the user to enter the url of a website. And the script must give him the image as output.

Here we are ... you see Rob? :-)

What about an iframe if this is a user website preview?

If you have khtml2png2 on your system then using PHP you can do the following:


    $command =
       .' -b'
       .' -w 1024'
       .' --get-body'
       .' "";'
       .' interjinn.png';

    exec( $command );


I fail to see how this is not a PHP solution. This should have been obvious when I said PHP makes an excellent glue/wrapper language.

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