Andrea Giammarchi wrote:

Given the knowledge (or extremely likely probability) of the non-existence of a PHP only solution for generating website thumbnails it follows that my suggestion was absolutely applicable.

I have never said the opposite ... I have just said: pure PHP with standard 
core functions/libraries? No way so far

Yes you did, and I quote:

    "Good suggestion, not applicable since the question was different"

You said "not applicable".... which is exactly the opposite of "applicable".

The right question would have been: do you know any third parts 
library/webservice able to get a snapshot?
In this case your suggestion would have been perfect :-)

The OP's original question was:

    "I want to be able to get a screenshot of a given website on
     the fly. Can you give me any suggestions."

He wanted a route to get a screenshot. he didn't say PHP only, he didn't say third party, he just said "any suggestions"-- take careful note of the word "ANY".

Now, if you don't mind, please stop spamming the poster's thread with puerile argument.

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