I know this isn't the best place to ask, but I figured enough people
here would have at some point installed PHP on some Linux variant, and
I'm hoping that some of you may have even done it on Fedora 11.

I'm using the built in gui package manager in Fedora (kpackagekit) to
install php, mysql and php-mysql. I let it resolve the dependencies and
install, but phpMyAdmin refuses to connect to the Mysql database with
the default username and password (root, no password) even though I can
successfully connect to plain old Mysql over the command line with
"mysql -u root -p"

I thought it was some problem with the built in repositories, so I
attempted to build PHP from source, and after sorting out the
dependencies manually, I got PHP installed and working from the command
line. However, when I try to start httpd up again, it gives me the
following error:

libphp5.so: undefined symbol: OnUpdateLong

I ran a nm command against the libphp5.so file, and the first line is "
U OnUpdateLong" (intentional spaces there)

Has anyone come across either of these problems and do you know of a way
to overcome either one? All I need really is a way to get it working, so
don't mind whether it's via the GUI or the command line!


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