You could just open in a new window a php script that generates the "preview" 
pdf with a content-type header for pdf.

header("Content-type: application/pdf");

Or if the "preview" pdf is not dinamic, just point the url to the pdf.

No javascript needed, just a link, o a submit button on a form with the
url as the "action" attribute. If you need it to open on a new window,
use target="_blank", or better target="pdf" if you want consecutive
requests to open in the same window instead of a new one everytime.

Note: if you are not using transitional html and care about validation, the 
target attribute is not allowed. In that case you would need javascript to open 
a new window.

De: Dave M G <>
Para: PHP-General List <>
Enviado: vie,6 noviembre, 2009 04:58
Asunto: [PHP] Preview button to show PDF without submitting post data?

PHP Users,

I have a page that generates a PDF document using PHP. It takes form
data filled in by the user to fill out the PDF

When the user clicks "submit", it emails that PDF document to the
intended recipient.

However, I would like to add a "preview" function as well. But for a
variety of reasons, instead of submitting the form data through post and
re-filling all the fields with the selected data, I'd like to be able to
open a new window with an example PDF without actually submitting the form.

I think this might need JavaScript, but I'm not sure.

Is this possible?

Thank you for any advice.

Dave M G

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