Dave M G wrote:
> Ashley,
> Thank you for responding.
>> I think you do, or where else would you show the PDF? Unless you force
>> the PDF to download when the user clicks the preview button, you are
>> left with the default option of the users browser, which will most
>> usually be to display the PDF in the browser window.
> No, that's not what's happening. I'm not showing the PDF in a browser
> window. It's being given to the user with the option to download or view
> in a separate application.
> So I am fine with the download option. That's what I'm doing now, I
> suppose. So since the user is downloading the PDF, they don't need an
> in-browser window to view it.
> Once the PDF is downloaded/viewed, I want the new window to die by any
> means necessary.
> Surely there's a way.

yup.. forget the new window all together, if you have it set to download
as an attachment then the user won't be taken away from the page; so no
need for a new window at all.

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