Dave M G schrieb:
PHP Users,

I have a page that generates a PDF document using PHP. It takes form
data filled in by the user to fill out the PDF

When the user clicks "submit", it emails that PDF document to the
intended recipient.

However, I would like to add a "preview" function as well. But for a
variety of reasons, instead of submitting the form data through post and
re-filling all the fields with the selected data, I'd like to be able to
open a new window with an example PDF without actually submitting the form.

I think this might need JavaScript, but I'm not sure.

Is this possible?

Thank you for any advice.

Hallo Dave,
to get the PDF you use a create PDF Engine writing on PHP right?. The Only Way to generate the PDF is, to get the Information from user (with the POST or GET method) using the PDF Engine writing on PHP right? I think you can generate the PDF and show it like a "preview" Page, but the User must be able to regenerate the PDF to send it as email (where the same Data will be used or not, please think about, if you want to do this) I think, you must to think more about the usability at this point



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