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> "It is for the better"? How can you justify that? It is a problem that will
> cause a lot of headaches for a lot of users, yet the solution which I have
> proposed will remove that problem with only very little effort, yet still
> leave only one regex engine which has to be supported in PHP 6.
> You have to balance out the small bit of effort required in implementing
> this solution against the huge amount of effort required in changing
> thousands, if not millions of scripts.
> For the PHP developers to say "we can't be bothered to update the POSIX
> functions to deal with unicode, so we've decided to drop them from PHP
> entirely even though it will break lots of scripts" will not go down well in
> userland.
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>> The same can be said about the removal of magic_quotes(), it will break A
>> LOT of old scripts.
>> I am in the same boat, I did not keep up to date with the PHP developer
>> plans and just found out about ereg when I installed PHP 5.3.
>> I think it was handled properly by displaying warning messages before
>> actually removing it. It will give people enough time to update their
>> scripts or weed out the old and insecure scripts.
>> Yes, it will create some headache but, AFAIK, it is for the better.
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The plan, as far as I am aware, is to move POSIX regular expressions
into PECL as of PHP6.  If you can fix your scripts by simply running
"pecl install ereg" what's all the hee-hawing about?

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