Tony Marston wrote:
"Eddie Drapkin" <> wrote in message
On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 4:13 PM, Tony Marston
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That's an amateur fudge, not a professional fix. Besides, what happens if
your hosting company won't let you install PECL extensions?

Tony Marston

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On Sun, Nov 8, 2009 at 2:47 PM, Tony Marston
<> wrote:
"It is for the better"? How can you justify that? It is a problem that
cause a lot of headaches for a lot of users, yet the solution which I
proposed will remove that problem with only very little effort, yet still
leave only one regex engine which has to be supported in PHP 6.

You have to balance out the small bit of effort required in implementing
this solution against the huge amount of effort required in changing
thousands, if not millions of scripts.

For the PHP developers to say "we can't be bothered to update the POSIX
functions to deal with unicode, so we've decided to drop them from PHP
entirely even though it will break lots of scripts" will not go down well

Tony Marston

"John Black" <> wrote in message
The same can be said about the removal of magic_quotes(), it will break
LOT of old scripts.
I am in the same boat, I did not keep up to date with the PHP developer
plans and just found out about ereg when I installed PHP 5.3.

I think it was handled properly by displaying warning messages before
actually removing it. It will give people enough time to update their
scripts or weed out the old and insecure scripts.

Yes, it will create some headache but, AFAIK, it is for the better.

Intelligent Life

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The plan, as far as I am aware, is to move POSIX regular expressions
into PECL as of PHP6. If you can fix your scripts by simply running
"pecl install ereg" what's all the hee-hawing about?

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Then you've got several options:
1) Don't upgrade PHP.

Not an acceptable option.

2) Pick a different hosting provider.

Not an acceptable optional.

3) Fix your scripts.

The scripts aren't broken. It's PHP 6 that's going to be broken.

I think you're missing the point of a full version increase. This is not a minor or micro version change... script breakage is *expected*. You don't think PHP should support legacy cruft in the core forever do you? If unicode support is slopped onto the current POSIX regex functions won't that then make them non-POSIX? Food for thought. Also, why support two libraries for which one is obviously inferior in speed and functionality?

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