Tony Marston wrote:
How many hosting companies write to all their account holders to ask permission before upgrading PHP, not just from 4 to 5, but all the releases in between? Very few of them, if any, in my experience.
I've no idea what horrible hosting companies you've had experiences with, however all of the companies I've used in the last few years have had an option to move back and forth between PHP4 and PHP5 in the event that certain scrips/frameworks/apps/whatever required one version over the other. What makes you think these companies won't do the same thing when they finally decide to add PHP6 to their servers? I doubt very many reputable hosting companies would simply upgrade to the latest flavor of PHP/Apache/MySQL/anything simply because it was released this morning without doing ample internal testing; if you or your clients are using one that does this - I'd advise you look elsewhere.

Whenever PHP6 reaches a stable release build, it will still be quite some time before its offered as an option to any mainstream shared hosting service - this should leave you ample time to adapt to incoming changes. Failing that, you always have the option of purchasing your own server or VPS from any number of hosts to configure as you see fit. Or you can explain your moral outrage to potential clients detailing your refusal to work because you disagree with a proposed change that won't see the light of day for years to come; your call.

Incessant whining under the guise of expressing your own opinion isn't going to make everything better. Sorry.

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