I've never even heard of Aptana... I use Joe...it's a terminal based editor. Works anywhere you have a terminal... just like other popular editors such as vi :)


Daevid Vincent wrote:
Whoa, am I reading this right that Aptana is basically moving away from
It sounds like they put in the old PHP 1.1 plug-in just to shut the angry
mob up, but I don't get the feeling they plan to do any further PHP
development. That is a real shame as Zend Studio NEEDS competition.
I guess PDT (http://www.eclipse.org/pdt/) may end up benefiting from this,
but I suspect it will be some time to come before the two projects are
merged properly. Well, I'll keep my fingers crossed that this *IS* the best
solution for the long term. In the mean time, I can't help but feel a piece
of the PHP community just "died"... well, maybe "moved away" is more
I do find it a little ironic as I just started a new project on Monday and
was fully expecting to develop it all using Aptana. Guess I'll stick with
1.5 for now (warts and all).
How is PDT? I tried to install it with Aptana 1.5 and it failed: Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be
  Software being installed: PDT Runtime Feature 2.0.0.v20090315-1850
(org.eclipse.php.feature.group 2.0.0.v20090315-1850)
  Missing requirement: PDT Runtime Feature 2.0.0.v20090315-1850
(org.eclipse.php.feature.group 2.0.0.v20090315-1850) requires
'org.eclipse.dltk.core.feature.group [1.0.0,2.0.0)' but it could not be
ooops, found my own solution to that one:
First impressions:

*       The amazing color coding that Aptana had for PHP (down to individual
left and right braces even!) is gone!!!
*       The PHP code formatter is also gone!!
*       Code assist and completion is gone too for any functions NOT on the
current page. It doesn't even know the name of variables WITHIN a function!

Am I not doing something right? I mean, what the hell does PDT do actually
then? It can't be a v2.1 and this much pure failure can it?

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