At 11:26 PM -0500 11/12/09, Bastien Koert wrote:

The issue here is that there are a lot of choices in the PHP space.
Eclipse, Aptana, Komodo, Zend, a host of various simpler text editors.
Aptana has chosen not to compete in this space and its their choice.
Personally, I use NetBeans or Komodo when I require something with a
bit of power. The biggest issue with IDEs that I have, is they are so
damn slow to start. Some of the smaller text editors are much quicker
to start and have most of what I need to do what we all have so much
fun doing.


You also have apps like GoLive and Dreamweaver that make excellent IDE's -- you don't have to use the WYSIWYG junk.

I'm learning to use Eclipse and it's great, but it doesn't handle the hundreds of smaller projects together like GoLive does -- or I haven't learn how to yet.

I've never noticed any delays in development except occasionally in uploads -- and that I assume is a connection problem.




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