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> You also have apps like GoLive and Dreamweaver that make excellent 
> IDE's -- you don't have to use the WYSIWYG junk.
> I'm learning to use Eclipse and it's great, but it doesn't handle the 
> hundreds of smaller projects together like GoLive does -- or I 
> haven't learn how to yet.

Just in case you're not clear or haven't used Aptana before. 

* It *is* an Eclipse offering (like Zend) 
* It is NOT a WYSIWYG.
* It has outstanding color-coding, way more than any other IDE I've ever
* It Handles jQuery and other JS libraries with completion.
* It does ruby and python as well -- very convenient for someone like me who
works in all three languages.
* It has a very nice code formatter (like Zend has)
* It is FREE (unlike Zend's retarded $500 price tag).

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