Well I use mySQL on my Mac for all my other database work. This particular database is natively produced in FoxPro as that is what our Company uses. My website offers some of our clients this data (stored in FoxPro DBF's) using PHP which is running on an Apache Web Server on Mac OS X.

I am looking into the option of importing the DBF records in my mySQL Server on my Mac. The one issue that's coming to my mind is ... the DBF is updated daily. An "End-Of-Day" program run at night updates the FoxPro DBF. I can write a program in PHP to import the DBF Records --> mySQL ... however, I'm going to need to somehow Automate this procedure so that it runs automatically every nigh (or early morning) ... and also such that only NEWER records are imported from the DBF --> mySQL.

Sounds a bit rough ... but seems to be a plausible solution.

On Nov 24, 2009, at 12:46 PM, Olav wrote:

Rahul S. Johari wrote:

Quite right.

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be any available ODBC Drivers for
FoxPro available for Mac OS X either!! I'm hitting a brick wall no
matter what direction I take.

Convert to SQLite and don't look back ;)

Unless your DBF files are still in use in another application of course.
If that use is not simultaneous you could at least trivially write an
import/export routine.

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