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> Well I use mySQL on my Mac for all my other database work. This
> particular database is natively produced in FoxPro as that is what our
> Company uses. My website offers some of our clients this data (stored
> in FoxPro DBF's) using PHP which is running on an Apache Web Server on
> Mac OS X.
> I am looking into the option of importing the DBF records in my mySQL
> Server on my Mac. The one issue that's coming to my mind is ... the
> DBF is updated daily. An "End-Of-Day" program run at night updates the
> FoxPro DBF. I can write a program in PHP to import the DBF Records -->
> mySQL ... however, I'm going to need to somehow Automate this
> procedure so that it runs automatically every nigh (or early
> morning) ... and also such that only NEWER records are imported from
> the DBF --> mySQL.
> Sounds a bit rough ... but seems to be a plausible solution.

The program I mentioned earlier:


is designed to dump out the contents of a DBF into a form that can be
imported into MySQL or PostgreSQL. That's part of what I use it for.
(No, I don't make any money off the program. I wrote it for my own use
and put it up on sourceforge years ago in case someone could use it.)


Paul M. Foster

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