2009/12/24 STEEL <vla...@mail.kna.ru>:
> Hi all!
> Here  is  the  problem: i have PHP script that takes URL of file from
> client  and  downloads  it  to  my server. But when file is downloading,
> clients  see blank page. How can I track file download progress on the
> server  side(easier) and send result to client lively, to show it like
> a progress bar in web browser?
> Googled  around,  found  JQuery and JsHttpRequest, but can't understand
> both for my task =) If everyone knows please give me some advice
> Best regards

If I understand your question correctly, you cannot. PHP works on the
server-side so once you've sent your HTTP response request, you are no
longer in control. Besides, I don't know any downloading tool that
doesn't already show a progress bar to the user. Even wget does so.

You can of course track how much data *you* have sent, but that
doesn't mean the client has downloaded all of it. It may for instance
be that the client didn't finish downloading or that it is downloading
slower than you are sending.

Daniel Egeberg

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