At 5:28 PM +1000 12/24/09, STEEL wrote:
Hi all!
Here  is  the  problem: i have PHP script that takes URL of file from
client  and  downloads  it  to  my server. But when file is downloading,
clients  see blank page. How can I track file download progress on the
server  side(easier) and send result to client lively, to show it like
a progress bar in web browser?
Googled  around,  found  JQuery and JsHttpRequest, but can't understand
both for my task =) If everyone knows please give me some advice

Best regards


I usually solve that problem by presenting the user with an animated wait gif -- here are some examples (use as you may):

If you think about it, the user doesn't really need to know how much has been downloaded. They just need to know that something is happening and this does that.

Cheers and Merry Christmas.



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