2010/1/22 Jochem Maas <joc...@iamjochem.com>:
> constants in interfaces are not meant for this. a class constant doesn't
> constitute an interface. I believe constants in interfaces are allowed purely
> because it is helpful to have them defined outside of the global space and
> somewhere where all implementors of said interface can realiably reference 
> them.


> I would suggest you need to define some extra methods in your interface e.g.
>        function getKillNotes();
>        function getKillTypeFlag();

The other option would be to be able to _easily_ detect the presence
of a class constant.

Without an error.

Fatal or otherwise.

$rfClass = ReflecionClass('KilledClass');
if (in_array('KILL_SWITCH_NOTES', $rfClass->getConstants())) { ...}

seems the only way.

You can't use getConstant('KILL_SWITCH_NOTES') as False is returned
for failure with no differentiation for a False value. Grrr.

Thanks to you all for the discussion.



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