Richard Quadling wrote:
2010/1/22 Pete Ford <>:
IMHO, a constant is not the correct beastie in this case - if you want it to
be different depending on the implementation then it ain't a constant!

You should probably have protected static variables in the interface, and
use the implementation's constructor to set the implementation-specific
value (or override the default)

interface SetKillSwitch
       protected static $isSet = TRUE;
       protected static $notes;
       protected static $date = '2010-01-22T11:23:32+0000';

class KilledClass implements SetKillSwitch
       public function __construct()
               self::$isSet = FALSE;
               self::$date = '2010-01-21T09:30:00+0000';
               self::$notes = "Test";

Pete Ford

And of course, "Fatal error: Interfaces may not include member variables".

Ooops, sorry :)

I tend to end up using abstract base classes rather than interfaces for that sort of reason...

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