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> On Tue, 2010-01-26 at 16:17 -0800, Daevid Vincent wrote:
> > I'm not looking to start a holy war here or re-hash the 
> > tired debate. I just want some hard cold numbers to look at.
> > 
> > "Do you use a public framework or roll your own?"
> > http://www.rapidpoll.net/8opnt1e
> When you ay roll your own, what do you define a framework as? Do you
> class it as something as big and complex as a fully-fledged MVC
> framework, or would a collection of modules you've put together over
> time satisfy this?

Well for me, it's exactly as you say. It's a collection of functions,
base.class.php (with magic __set(), __call(), __get(), debug introspection,
etc.), User.class.php (loading, saving, logging, roles, etc.),
$_SESSION['user'], gui_nav.inc.php, gui_menu.inc.php, gui_footer.inc.php,
gui_header.inc.php, db.inc.php wrapper functions, global.inc.php, and a few
other 'function' collections for time/date, XML, outputting a standardized
HTML table with rollover/headings/popups/row summary/etc, select box
(multi, blank option, ghosted options, array/sql, etc). "logic" I've
accumulated over the years of what works and what doesn't.

So at each company, I tend to start with my previous "framework" and build
upon it. Improving it. Tweeking and optimizing it not only for future use,
but also for the specific task at hand. Ripping out things that don't apply
to keep the code lean and adding routines that help make life easier too.
For example, until this current job, I would never have used a
print_table() routine that takes arrays of headings (tooltips optional),
rows, data and prints out an HTML table because I thought it was a waste of
memory and I can just loop and do it in each page. But now I am kicking
myself for not doing that in other companies. Sure it has some "gotchas",
but I've worked through pretty much every one so far and this routine kicks
some ass up and down the block. It even exports to Excel, WITH notes =
tooltips. Yeah baby!

I tried Symfony at one company and absolutely hated it. I hear good things
about Zend. But overall -- and again, I really do NOT want this to turn
into a debate or the pros/cons, I just wanted to know some percentages of
what people are REALLY using. Partially curiosity and partially to maybe
re-consider or maybe to re-enforce what I've been doing.

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