Michael A. Peters wrote:
Daevid Vincent wrote:
I'm not looking to start a holy war here or re-hash the tired debate. I just want some hard cold numbers to look at.

"Do you use a public framework or roll your own?"

And for those interested, here are the results of the last poll:

"To add the final ?> in PHP or not..."

I'm relieved to know I'm in the majority (almost 2:1) who close their
opening PHP tags. :)

I roll my own, partially from classes I wrote and partially from classes at phpclasses.org and partially from neat stuff I find on the web.

Not sure you could call it framework though, just a loose collection of independent classes.

Just spent a couple days bringing that loose collection together along with CSS templates from http://www.freecsstemplates.org/ and now actually have my own (not quite finished) CMS.

And it looks / works a hell of a lot better than anything I've done before (er, other than it not quite being finished ...)

Making my classes work together specifically to make a generic CMS exposed a lot of bugs and poor design decisions in them that are now largely fixes (er, well, we'll see ...)

Last few days have been like an epiphany for me.

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