Michael A. Peters wrote:
Michael A. Peters wrote:
Robert Cummings wrote:

Just a word of thought... if you're doing styling... use classes and not IDs. Use of IDs for styling is very often indicative of inexperience, inability, or lack of understanding with respect to CSS.
I use ID when there will only be one element that needs to be styled that way.

I should also point out that when all your js is external (as it should be) rather than inline, using an id tag makes it much easier to modify the DOM client side.

Yes, you can do document.getElementsByTagName('whatever').item(n) if you know what item the node will happen to be in the nodelist, but if you don't know, then you have to look at other characteristics of the node to find out which node in the list you want.

I specifically said for styling :) Use of IDs for node targeting in JavaScript is a VERY good use of IDs :D

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