Perhaps if you asked a question you'd get an answer rather than coming off as 
an angry immature crybaby in your last paragraph...  No, I'm not going to 
dignify your post with a real answer.  Come back when you can ask a real 
question and maybe you'll get a real answer.

--Larry Garfield

On Monday 22 March 2010 07:02:30 pm Daevid Vincent wrote:
> I've been using PHP for a decade or so (since PHP/FI) and love it. The one
> problem that seems to always keep coming back on enterprise level projects
> is the lack of threading. This always means we have to write some back-end
> code in Ruby or Java or C/C++ and some hacky database layer or DBUS or
> something to communicate with PHP.
> Will PHP ever have proper threading? It would sure let the language take
> the next logical leap to writing applications and daemons. I love the idea
> that Rails/Ruby have where you can just load objects in memory once and
> keep using them from page to page (this is NOT the same as a $_SESSION,
> it's way more flexible and powerful).
> But more importantly, in one application I'm working on, we need to connect
> to an Asterisk system for the IVR abilities. This means we have Ruby doing
> all that fun stuff and PHP doing the web stuff, but we're also duplicating
> a LOT of work. Both Ruby AND PHP now have to have ORMs for the user who's
> calling in, advertisements served, products shown, etc. We could have used
> Rails for the web portion, but I want to stay with PHP and I'm sure I don't
> have to explain to you PHPers why that is. Without threads, PHP just isn't
> even an option or only one user would be able to call in at a time.
> The pcntl stuff is not feasible. It's a hack at best. Spawning multiple
> scripts is also a recipie for disaster.
> When will the PHP core-devs (Zend?) realize that PHP is much more than a
> hook to a database. It's much more than web pages.
> Is this a case of "it's too hard"? Or is it a case of PHP core developers
> just being douche-bags like they are about the whole
> "foo($set_this_parameter=$bar);" bull$hit??! (there is NO reason NOT to let
> the developer choose WHICH of the list of parameters they want to set in a
> function/method call aside from being stubborn! Especially when there are
> many parameters and you can't overload functions like you can in Java or
> other typed languages)
> As usual, I created a poll here too:
> Past polls are below:
> (although someone hacked this poll and
> loaded up the 76 votes like a little cheater)

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