> >>>> Is this a case of "it's too hard"? 
> Subscribe to internals. Read the archives. The truth is out there.

I have Googled a while on this and don't see much of anything about "PHP
threading" of use. Just a bunch of people desperately wishing for this
feature and trying to hack some way of doing it. Hence my asking here.

>>>> "foo($set_this_parameter=$bar);" bull$hit??! (there is NO
>>> reason NOT to let
>>>> the developer choose WHICH of the list of parameters they
>>> want to set in a

> There are reasons. You would know this if you had done the legwork 
> before opening your mouth and letting crap fall out.

I have researched this. (http://bugs.php.net/bug.php?id=47331) The only
reason I see given for this lack of feature is "it was decided that you can
pass an array parameter instead". This isn't a solution, it's a hack. AND
it only works if you are creating a new function or adding to a function.
It does nothing for existing functions that have many parameters. Why
wouldn't you want to make an already amazing language better and more
flexible. I honestly see zero downside or complication to this. In fact I
am working on a site coded in PHP by Python people, and often find exactly
what I suggest in the code because Python can do this. Ironically it works
by dumb luck b/c PHP ignores the assignment or something and so the
parameters just happened to line up. Even C# can do this.

> >>>> many parameters and you can't overload functions like you
> >>> can in Java or
> PHP is NOT Java.
> >>>> other typed languages)
> Nor is it OTHER types languages.

Uh. Pretty much EVERY other major language has threading. C++, C#, Java,
Ruby, Python and even the archaic Perl. 

I KNOW PHP is not Java. That's why I use it. That doesn't take away from
the fact it still needs to have threading to compete as a serious language
if you ever want to do anything more than web pages.

> > You could implement the features yourself.
> Damn, Mr McGlone beat me to it :)

That's such a STUPID retort I'm so sick of hearing from the FOSS community.
"build it yourself uh huhh uhhh huhhh". Obviously I'm not a low-level C/C++
coder -- that's WHY I use PHP. :-\ So, you just stay content with the
status quo. I will continue to ask for features to enhance the language.
They may fall on deaf ears, but sometimes... just sometimes... The squeaky
wheel get's the grease.

> When you set the subject line of your rant to something like 
> "Will PHP 
> ever 'grow up'", I expect your argument to at least be rationale, 
> logical, and quite possibly contain a patch. It's called 
> "open source" 
> because you too can make changes.

It was logical and rational. I gave examples of why threads are needed in
PHP and why it's STILL considered a sub-language by many enterprise level
people, and also why it will NEVER be used for anything more than web pages
until threading is implemented.

By "grow up", I mean exactly that. PHP needs to be considered a contender
and an equal to other enterprise level languages, not this little amateur
language that script kiddies use. While we here may know the power and
virtues of the language, I assure you that most of the world still views it
as a toy language. And spare me your examples of Google or Twitter or some
other large site that uses it. I'm saying, as a whole, it is still viewed
that way by most enterprises. But more importantly, it is IMPOSSIBLE for
PHP to be used in writing daemons or anything of any complexity save web
pages. This is one reason why Python is used for most of your Linux
scripts. Or why Java/C# are used for applications. And honestly, I'd say a
big reason that Rails has taken off even.

You're all getting hung up on my little paragraph rant about the parameter
feature that is desperately missing from PHP too. I'm sorry I threw that
into the mix, I didn't realize it would confuse you all so much from the
main topic.

Clearly you had nothing of value to add to the question(s) and only wished
to chastise me for using harsh words which offended your delicate ears. I'm
sorry, but when a project like PHP is made for the masses to use, and when
many people are asking for useful, sane and reasonable features, and the
internal devs simply dismiss them because they don't feel like implementing
something (or maybe they don't have the skills to), I call bullshit. And
then to hide under the safety net of "well then submit a patch" is just
cowardice. I suspect that even *if* I submitted the perfect patch, that the
internal devs would not put it in the main tree because THEY are
fundamentally against the idea, so it's a Catch22. You need their blessing
either way. As John Acton said, "Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts

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