If you added threading to the bag of tricks it already has, you're getting
into areas that make it more difficult to pick up for beginners (and that's
not to mention the technical elements involved in actually adding threading
to PHP) Currently the only other 'easy' language I know for beginners is
ColdFusion, and that's just horrible. You wouldn't want to be responsible
for sending the newbies down that path would you?! :p



That's not a good argument against implementing threading, regardless of the
technical issues involved in making it work. There are plenty of more
advanced areas of php that beginners stay clear of. Just because threading
is available doesn't mean it will automatically be used or even considered
in most projects. I wrote C code for years in a large fairly complex banking
front-office system and only found a very few occasions where threading was
required to get the job done. In the majority of C and C++ code you find
very few examples of threading, either because it's not required (99.9% of
the time) or the coder didn't feel comfortable using it and found another
way to achieve the result. In the few occasions where I did use threading I
would say that most the time there was no other way of achieving the
required result. But the issues you need to solve with C are very different
to the issues you need to solve with php. I've spent more than 8 years
coding php and I haven't ever hit a brick wall because of the lack of
threading, but of course every project is different and I'm sure there are
situations out there where trying to work around the lack of threading can
cause major hassles. But as others have pointed out you use the right tools
for the job, and if php doesn't have what is required then use something


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