so your systems represent all the software problems out there in the world?
or your experience does?

hard to believe.

On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 10:15 AM, Lester Caine <> wrote:
> Rene Veerman wrote:
>> jeez dude, you're assuming that all software problems are best solved
>> by a sql solution.
>> imo, they're NOT. example? any realtime system with real work to do.
>> please stop pretending you know the proper design of all software that
>> is made or yet has to be made.
>> both a ya.
> I run real time systems for offices that count serving time in seconds. I
> know currently where the bottlenecks are, and adding 'threading' to PHP is
> not a solution. I fact adding much of the dross that has been added to PHP5
> is ACTUALLY slowing down performance. I have PHP5.3 and PHP5.2 running on
> similarly loaded sites, and PHP5.2 is faster! I am just pointing out that on
> *MY* REAL applications, the SQL element is a major part of the processing
> time, and yes moving some of the table lookups to be hard coded arrays in
> PHP would make a difference, but then complicates configurability, so
> keeping them in the database makes life easier.
> The proper design is the one that meets the customers requirements and gets
> the bills paid. Processing the raw statistics required for my own sites is
> best done away from PHP, so using the right tools for the job is the
> important thing?
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