Per Jessen wrote:
Rene Veerman wrote:

what you're suggesting is highly intrusive in my work-style, one that
you're not affected by at all.

Hmm, you're the one suggesting a change, I'm suggesting no change.  How
can "no change" be intrusive?

in fact if you make things more difficult for me, i have less time to
release opensource code of my own.

Well, we can't have that, so how about we stick to "no change", thereby
not making anything more difficult for you.  It will remain exactly as
difficult as it is today.

That sounds very good to me! I'm STILL working through the warnings PHP5.3 introduced. It it improve anything. No ..... 5.2 still works just as well! Ican well understand why people stayed with PHP4 for so long - but I never used that myself.

Perhaps we need PHPforDummies and PHPforPros ... I'll stick with the Dummies version, if I want the pro version I can go back to C++. ;)

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