On Wed, 2010-03-24 at 11:56 +0200, Rene Veerman wrote:

> sad and pathetic? how about "revealing".
> i can call your sad and pathetic for:
> - insisting on how others should do their work.
> - group-attacking your opposition, hoping to intimidate by outnumbering.
> - ignoring all valid explanations on why someone would like their fav
> tool to evolve with the market.
> - degrading into petty insults as a way to indicate i'm probably right
> about the claim that led you to petty insults.
> i can go on, but i just dont want another political battle on my hands.
> i'll find out what the php dev team thinks about this issue, and base
> my descision on whether or not to leave php behind, on that.
> but you people truly are worthy of some serious IRL larting for being
> such assholes who think they can determine the habits of others that
> don't affect them.
> i dont usually do this, have never done it to programmers; but you're
> lucky we're not in the same buiding.
> i'd get you to try and punch me, followed by a relatively nonviolent
> yet very public humiliation.
> THATS how strongly i feel about those who determine the lifestyle of
> others when it doesn't even affect them.
> Seriously, wars have erupted over this behaviour. The kind where axes
> and such are used to settle the issue.

Sorry Rene, but this has just made me lose all respect for you. I shan't
be too sad if you do jump ship.


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