Rene Veerman wrote:
On Wed, Mar 24, 2010 at 11:13 AM, Per Jessen <> wrote:
Rene Veerman wrote:

a) you're determining the contents of my toolset, without it affecting
you at all. the way you want it php will degrade into a toy language.
Rene, it seems to me that you and I are advocating two opposite
positions on the topic of threading in PHP, so aren't we both trying to
determine the contents of each others toolset?

Per: that's EXACTLY the point.
You are determining it for me, i'm not for you.
Simply because you dont have to use the language features you atm
think you don't need in php.

Actually, no. You are determine aspects of the toolset as it stands. To add threading is not a benign additon because we can choose to use it or not. If added it would affect the future irrevocably since undoubtedly we would need to maintain someone's code that contains threads because they didn't understand the shared nothing nature of PHP.

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