Per Jessen wrote:
Rene Veerman wrote:

a) you're determining the contents of my toolset, without it affecting
you at all. the way you want it php will degrade into a toy language.

Rene, it seems to me that you and I are advocating two opposite
positions on the topic of threading in PHP, so aren't we both trying to
determine the contents of each others toolset?

*bingo* It should be a debate about the merits of each position. Not a pissing contest.

b) i will aim for all possible decreases in development time and
operating costs during, not only in the grow phase but also in hard
economic times. any business person knows why.

Given that the lifetime effort (=cost) of any software project is
divided into 25% development and 75% maintenance, you really ought to
focus on the latter.  If you want more performance at a minimal cost,
surely you should opt to write in a compiled language where you'll get
far more bang for the buck.

Oh no, now you're suggesting he change his management focus :)

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