2010/3/24 Rene Veerman <rene7...@gmail.com>:
> yea right..
> i really want to keep my code base in 1 language, because that
> simplifies everything later on imo.
> you people, who are against the evolotion of php towards cloud
> computing, would force me to do mixed-languages projects or even
> rewrite large sections of my codebase if as i want, i keep my codebase
> in 1 language.
> maybe now you understand why i'm so pissed off with you know-it-alls.
Why did you chose PHP in the first place?
And as a programmer you have to be flexible despite the chosen
language. C++/C programmer sometimes must use assembler,  in
asp/dot.net have to switch between VB,C# and so on. nothing new. thats
why languages now days are mainly based on C/C++ to make it easier to
jump between languages.

(PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript is based on C/C++ aso)

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