Is there a free solution out there that will enable me to take a PHP-generated 
postscript output file, and dynamically, on-the-fly convert it to a PDF 
document and send to the user as a download when the user clients on a link?

More description of what I'm trying to do:

1)  I've got a web-page that accepts some user input
2)  They hit SUBMIT
3)  I've got a PHP file that takes that input and generates a custom Postscript 
file from it, which I presently serve back to the user.  On a Mac, Safari and 
Firefox automatically take the .ps output and render it in Preview.
4)  However, in the world of Windows, it seems like it'd be better to just 
convert it on-the-fly into a PDF, so that the user doesn't need to worry about 
having a post-script viewer app installed.  

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