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> Is there a free solution out there that will enable me to take a
> PHP-generated postscript output file, and dynamically, on-the-fly convert it
> to a PDF document and send to the user as a download when the user clients
> on a link?
> [...]
> 3)  I've got a PHP file that takes that input and generates a custom
> Postscript file from it, which I presently serve back to the user.  On a
> Mac, Safari and Firefox automatically take the .ps output and render it in
> Preview.
> [...]

I think you're looking for a PHP library that can take the output from the
function that produces the PS file and generates a PDF file which you then
send back to the user.  I haven't come across such a utility.

I recommend generating a PDF file directly using PDFLib or FPDF (
http://www.fpdf.org/) if possible.

An alternative strategy (if you cannot create a PDF directly) could be:

1. Validate input and Generate PS file then go to 2 otherwise raise input
exception and exit
2. Write (1) to a temporary location then go to 3 otherwise raise file
generation exception and exit
3, Use a utility like ps2pdf (or ghostscript) to convert file to pdf then go
to 4 otherwise raise file conversion exception and exit
4. Serve (3) then go to 5 otherwise raise file transfer exception and exit
5. Delete files and exit normally

Tutorial on ps2pdf: http://www.linux.com/archive/feed/35022

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