Rob Gould wrote:

> Is there a free solution out there that will enable me to take a
> PHP-generated postscript output file, and dynamically, on-the-fly convert
> it to a PDF document and send to the user as a download when the user
> clients on a link?
> More description of what I'm trying to do:
> 1)  I've got a web-page that accepts some user input
> 2)  They hit SUBMIT
> 3)  I've got a PHP file that takes that input and generates a custom
> Postscript file from it, which I presently serve back to the user.  On a
> Mac, Safari and Firefox automatically take the .ps output and render it in
> Preview.
> 4)  However, in the world of Windows, it seems like it'd be better to just
> convert it on-the-fly into a PDF, so that the user doesn't need to worry
> about having a post-script viewer app installed.

Ghostscript is the first thing that comes to my mind; alternatively googling
for "convert postscript pdf" or similar might turn up other options.

David Robley

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