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So, OP explain what you are trying to do?



Sorta looks to me like he's in a situation where users are fleeing the form,
and wondering why its not filled in when they go back.  The natural reaction
for this would be to call it abnormal, and tell them to learn how to use a
web page, but we all know how the real world is.

I like the original ideas from Peter and Ashley.  Store a session or cookie,
use ajax to periodically update a database table with the information, then
re-populate it if/when they come back.

I kinda like that word Paradigm.  Rolls off the tongue nicely.  I'm going to
use it 3 times today before I leave the office.

I had a pair-a-dimes one time. Unfortunately I was a nickel short of a quarter to put in the slot.


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