Kevin Kinsey wrote:
Dan Joseph wrote:
On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 12:40 PM, Robert Cummings <>wrote

I had a pair-a-dimes one time. Unfortunately I was a nickel short of a
quarter to put in the slot.

But the question is... were they outside the box?

Nah, the question is, since the slot was intended to accept a quarter,
why the heck didn't it take two dimes and a nickel ... or just two dimes,
and throw a nickel in gratis?

I've never known an arcade machine to accept nickels and dimes :)

I must be getting old.  We have toilets that flush themselves now.
WTF happened to "grown up" being equal to taking responsibility
for things?

Toilets flush themselves so that we don't need to touch what someone else touched... very likely after *cough* wiping up.

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