On 13 April 2010 17:27, Paul M Foster <pa...@quillandmouse.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 03:20:23PM +0200, Merlin Morgenstern wrote:
>> Hello everybody,
>> I have form where users enter data to be saved in a db.
>> How can I make php save the form data into a session before the user
>> leaves the page without pressing the submit button? Some members leave
>> the page and return afterwards wondering where their already entered
>> data is.
> I hate to be a contrarian (not really), but there is a paradigm for
> using web forms. If you want the internet to save your data, you have to
> press the little button. If you don't, then it won't be saved. Not hard
> to figure out, not hard to do. If you have to go do something else while
> you're in the middle of a form, open a new tab/window and do it. When
> you come back to your original form, the data will still be there (but
> again, not *saved* until you hit the little button).
> Sorry, I just get cranky with people who won't follow the rules.

There are rules and then there's stupidity based on tradition. The
fact that websites previously threw away whatever work you had done
because you automatically got logged out of your session after half an
hour of typing does not mean you should call this a rule that should
be adhere to. Google figured it out and did so well: backup
automatically and let the user discard manually - not the other way
round that leads to lost work.

Apart from that, I note that the OP has seemingly managed to solve the
problem and all these emails are rather pointless.

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