On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 1:23 AM, Rene Veerman <rene7...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 14, 2010 at 1:19 AM, Rene Veerman <rene7...@gmail.com> wrote:
>> htmlMicroscope (that i wrote and opensourced) can be used to look at
>> very big arrays easilly in a browser.
>> I fully intend to fix the final bugs and release a real 1.3.0 release,
>> and not abandon that project..
>> In fact, i could use a simple project to work on atm, to re-focus
>> myself on useful work and a useful day-night rythm (as made apparent
>> by my recent off-topic and weird posts to this list)..
>> I would like to include http://www.danvk.org/dygraphs/ into htmlMicroscope.
>> Would you think it usefull?
>> htmlMicroscope can be downloaded through the googlecode link in my 
>> signature..
>> Again, please excuse my recent off-topic posting to this list.
>> My psychiateric out-patient help team has confirmed that they were
>> informed by a member of this list of my recent [OFF-TOPIC] post in
>> dutch (of which i cannot even be sure if "everyone got that mail"),
>> but i do thank you people for reporting me to said psychiateric help
>> team.
>> My contact with them is good, they did not "invite me for a irl
>> conversation". I'm allowed to stay at my parents and heal myself (from
>> sleep-deprivation) under the guidance of my dear parents.
>> Please people, just +1 or -1 this idea of adding dygraphs to
>> htmlMicroscope. The coding should be simple, and i do promise to clean
>> up the 1.3.0-beta-rc1 to a real 1.3.0 version that works properly for
>> displaying arrays with unicode data, json-arrays-as-keys, etc, ranging
>> 100-200mb in transport-to-browser-size..
>> Yes, i am a bit worried about being seen as the weird psycho on this
>> forum. Psychotic i'm not, just sleep-deprived a bit, and i've slept
>> very well in the past 72 hrs. Over 10hrs per 24hrs for the past 72hrs.
>> So i'm healing, not degrading.
>> And of course i'm taking (dutch brandname:) risperdal quicklets, as
>> per my mum's orders (rather than a psych worker's "closed ward"
>> orders)..
>> I'll be doing house-cleanup in about a week, and will be spending
>> nights at home in about 2 weeks, allowing me probably to put
>> mediabeez.ws back up online for development versions of
>> htmlMicroscope.
>> Again, my apologies for poluting the list with what is considered 
>> too-off-topic
>> Please do not inform the psych-services again of any posts of mine
>> here mentioning telepathy.
>> It was already reported to them, and they (Noortje) actually called me
>> and we talked it over, that it shouldn't happen again, me posting
>> private conversations onto some random list.
>> My reasons for posting "[OFF-TOPIC] telepathy and psychiatery" to this
>> list were simple; i was trying to alleviate the fears of other
>> telepaths like me, to prevent _them_ from having to go through the
>> hell of psychiateric closed wards...
>> Please help me get back into programming.
>> Oh, and if anyone asks about me, point me to my facebook page. Just
>> don't rat me out to psych services and/or my family, who cannot handle
>> that level of information yet.
> oh, and telepathy is not considered a dellusion by everyone; these
> websites are _not_ mine;
> http://www.telepathyrevealed.com
> http://social-psychiatry.com/telepathy-techniques-develop-abilities/;

i'm moving all my telepathy comments to my facebook page;

(hope that url works for you too)..

Greetings from Rene7705,

I have made some free open source webcomponents designed
and written by me available through:
http://code.google.com/u/rene7705/ , or
http://mediabeez.ws (latest dev versions, currently offline)

You can also find me on facebook.com under email addr "rene7...@gmail.com"..

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