Rene Veerman wrote:
> I would like to include into htmlMicroscope.
> Would you think it usefull?


> Yes, i am a bit worried about being seen as the weird psycho on this
> forum. Psychotic i'm not, just sleep-deprived a bit

1: if you you didn't bring personal life in to your mails then you
wouldn't have to worry, the quicker you stop mentioning it the sooner it
will be forgotten

2: most developers, perhaps take the approach of the rest of us and
simply get a bit ratty, make stupid typo's and ask questions about
things you already know (but forgot, because you are tired).

> My reasons for posting "[OFF-TOPIC] telepathy and psychiatery" to this
> list were simple; i was trying to alleviate the fears of other
> telepaths like me, to prevent _them_ from having to go through the
> hell of psychiateric closed wards...

Rene, Telepathic or not, it is of no concern to any body on the list,
just as we do not take it upon ourselves to inform you of the various
physical and mental problems affecting many of us on a daily basis -
some people on this list have *very* serious health problems, and we're
just lucky they are still with us.

In short, this list is a place where we discuss PHP, which is our tool
for work, our hobby, another thing to help drown out the difficulties of
life - embrace the code and let it see you through the hard times, keep
personal life; personal.

If you feel like replying Rene, quickly skip back to the top, notice the
+1 and get on making good use of your time with a good challenge and
some learning to boot.

We're all happy to help you with any (PHP or Code) issues you may have
along the way.


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