On 4/14/2010 12:28 PM, tedd wrote:
At 5:06 PM -0400 4/13/10, Robert Cummings wrote:
Nathan Rixham wrote:

well that's one job I'm not getting :p

Well you DID get 66.7%. I've met "coders" that would stare at the
answer and still not understand :D


Well.. count me among those staring. I just don't get those type of
things until I see them actually work.

My "logic" works the other way -- when presented with a logic problem, I
come up with a solution that works the way I think and I always to solve
the problem presented. Perhaps my solution isn't as clever nor as
cryptic as others, but it's always easier to read and understand.



I'm with you Tedd. I'm forever cussing myself when I use a super clever trick to solve a logic problem and then later can't figure out how the damn thing worked even though I documented it.

Incidentally, about formatting scripts, one of the reasons I like phpEdit is that it has a terrific code beautifier. You can set it for phpDoc or Pear rendering. And, it auto indents, etc. as you enter stuff.


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