On Apr 15, 2010, at 8:55 AM, tedd wrote:

At 4:13 PM -0400 4/14/10, Al wrote:
Incidentally, about formatting scripts, one of the reasons I like phpEdit is that it has a terrific code beautifier. You can set it for phpDoc or Pear rendering. And, it auto indents, etc. as you enter stuff.


Unfortunately, there is no phpEdit version for the Mac.

Currently, I use GoLive (without all the WYSIWYG bloatware), but it limitations are showing. I like Eclipse, but the learning curve is high and has more features than I need.

Hey tedd

I just recently started using netbeans and it looks like it may fit the bill... it's simple enough to understand but can be extended if you want to. It also runs better on my Mac then Eclipse ever did. Just something that might be worth checking out :)

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