Daniel Egeberg wrote:

Then get a better email client if yours doesn't support "reply to all"
or "reply to group". It's hardly the mailing list's fault that your
client doesn't support that.

Nonsense. I have used lists like this for many, many years. PHP lists are the only ones I have ever used that behave this way. All the others I have used are configured that a simple "Reply" replies to the list.

Sure, you can always "Reply All" but then you get multiple replies from the same person to the same post. Plus, it is really easy to forget.

In my opinion, it is idiotic.

OTOH, what is important to me is the quality of the information that comes in from you incredibly generous people. Thank you to all posters. You are the best.

The list behavior is just an irritant, but it pales in comparison to the benefit.


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