On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 14:49 +0200, Peter Lind wrote:

> On 21 April 2010 14:38, Hans Åhlin <ahlin.h...@kronan-net.com> wrote:
> > Why change the way that has been around for years and adopted by
> > multiple e-mail lists?
> > It feels like it's more problem to change the way for thousands of
> > users just to satisfy a couple of few.
> David was venting based on a discussion in another thread. I'm pretty
> sure he knows about the option to reply-all - that's part of the
> reason for venting (it sends multiple emails instead of just the one
> needed). The optimal scenario is to: 1) be able to quickly respond to
> the list, as that's the normal action you want to do and 2) not spam
> people with several emails for no reason (i.e. avoid replying to the
> OP AND the list).
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As I mentioned earlier, the Evolution mail client has a reply to list
option which I've used to send this to the list. A decent email client
*will* have this option somewhere, but if anyone is using one that
doesn't, Evolution is available for the majority of operating systems
out there.


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