On Apr 21, 2010, at 1:51 PM, Jay Blanchard wrote:

Then write an interface (using PHP of course) that
only responds to the list when you generate a reply.


WHY would we want to do that? Much unnecessary work when an admin could set a reply-to and all would be solved. With all due respect, if I was going to go through all that trouble just so I could hit reply instead of reply-all or reply-list or reply- group, I would write an email list program that discussed PHP (in PHP) and I would set the reply-to to go to my list email.

Not to mention, the admin can set all of them to go to the list email.


They just have to set the headers to point there. Much easier than what was suggested.

That aside, I think David was just wondering why it was set up that way in the first part. More a question for a admin, then the list, but it is on the list none the less.
I would have sent that one to the Admin directly.

It is curious though, why the admin of the PHP lists depend on special case scenarios such as reply-list or reply-group. To me, thats kind of like saying you can only click buttons on our website if you use Internet Explorer.
Everyone else has to view the source and copy the urls to navigate.


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