On Thu, 2010-04-22 at 17:35 +0200, Peter Lind wrote:

> Which is worse, one person having to
> check the answer by looking at the mailing list archive or the rest of
> the list not benefiting at all from the answer?

Well, as that one person was the one who needed the help enough to ask
the question in the first place...

I just don't agree that the reply-to field should be changed. Most email
clients are intelligent enough to recognise mailing lists when they see
them, and those that aren't, well, I don't think the world should have
to change to fit in with poor software. I know that often people don't
have a choice with what is installed on a computer, but surely it's
better trying to speak to whoever is in-charge of that to ask them to
change their procedures than get however many shared systems (i.e.
mailing lists) to change their methods?

I guess I'm too far gone down the open source route now to 'get' the
closed source problems that many people face in their offices. If I
don't like a piece of software, I can choose different software, contact
the developers, or even attempt to create a workaround myself.


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