On Wed, 2010-04-21 at 19:55 +0000, Bobby Pejman wrote:

> I must say, I never heard or even thought of the idea of calling it LookOut. 
> Hahaha.  It made me laugh for a good 10 minutes and if that term is open 
> source, I will be using it ;)
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> Subject: RE: [PHP] Re: replying to list (I give up)
> From: Michelle Konzack
> > Hello Peter Lind,
> > 
> > Am 2010-04-21 15:47:54, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
> >> And waste time every single time you post to the list ... why do
> >> people become programmers/developers again? To end creating technical
> >> solutions they can then avoid using by doing extra, pointless manual
> >> work?
> > 
> > Hmmm, being a Programmer/Developer since 1982 and have ever used
> decent
> > tools to accomplish a task...  including the right  MUA  which
> simplify
> > the Programmers/Developers daily mailing tasks.
> > 
> >> Anyway, if there's no chance of changing the minds of the people
> >> administering the list, the discussion might as well end now.
> > 
> > Why should Programmers/Developers bother with non-reliable  MUAs
> which
> > do not support Programmers/Developers daily mailing tasks?
> > 
> > If YOU are a Programmer/Developer why do you bother with a
> non-suitable
> > MUA?
> Probably because we don't have a choice. There is a legion of PHBs that
> make those decisions for us, obviously without having any information
> about what tools are really needed. I have to hand edit every response I
> send here and to several other lists in order to add the quote markers
> and move my content to the correct location. Lookout no longer offers
> that option. It also lacks the reply-to-list action as well as several
> others that would make life easier and simpler for everyone. I can't
> replace it because it is closely bound to our Exchange servers for
> scheduling and planning. So I won't have an option until after I retire,
> and then I won't need this list at all. Fortunately, that is only a
> couple of years away at most.
> Bob McConnell
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Outlook is a pita sometimes. At my last job I just used Evolution and
connected over the OWA, as at the time I had to use my own laptop
because of a lack of computers available.


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