From: Michelle Konzack

> Hello Peter Lind,
> Am 2010-04-21 15:47:54, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
>> And waste time every single time you post to the list ... why do
>> people become programmers/developers again? To end creating technical
>> solutions they can then avoid using by doing extra, pointless manual
>> work?
> Hmmm, being a Programmer/Developer since 1982 and have ever used
> tools to accomplish a task...  including the right  MUA  which
> the Programmers/Developers daily mailing tasks.
>> Anyway, if there's no chance of changing the minds of the people
>> administering the list, the discussion might as well end now.
> Why should Programmers/Developers bother with non-reliable  MUAs
> do not support Programmers/Developers daily mailing tasks?
> If YOU are a Programmer/Developer why do you bother with a
> MUA?

Probably because we don't have a choice. There is a legion of PHBs that
make those decisions for us, obviously without having any information
about what tools are really needed. I have to hand edit every response I
send here and to several other lists in order to add the quote markers
and move my content to the correct location. Lookout no longer offers
that option. It also lacks the reply-to-list action as well as several
others that would make life easier and simpler for everyone. I can't
replace it because it is closely bound to our Exchange servers for
scheduling and planning. So I won't have an option until after I retire,
and then I won't need this list at all. Fortunately, that is only a
couple of years away at most.

Bob McConnell

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