On 21 April 2010 20:09, Michelle Konzack <linux4miche...@tamay-dogan.net> wrote:
> Hello Peter Lind,

Hi Michelle

> Am 2010-04-21 15:47:54, hacktest Du folgendes herunter:
>> And waste time every single time you post to the list ... why do
>> people become programmers/developers again? To end creating technical
>> solutions they can then avoid using by doing extra, pointless manual
>> work?
> Hmmm, being a Programmer/Developer since 1982 and have ever used  decent
> tools to accomplish a task...  including the right  MUA  which  simplify
> the Programmers/Developers daily mailing tasks.

Making it the problem of the MUA is a hack, not a solution. If you
really want to go down the "I have experience" route I'd expect you to
choose the "fix the problem at the root"-solution not the "lets hack
it by leaving the problem as is and requiring everyone to choose a
proper tool"-hack.

>> Anyway, if there's no chance of changing the minds of the people
>> administering the list, the discussion might as well end now.
> Why should Programmers/Developers bother with non-reliable  MUAs  which
> do not support Programmers/Developers daily mailing tasks?
> If YOU are a Programmer/Developer why do you bother with a  non-suitable
> MUA?

Please don't make assumptions about me and my tools - you have no
basis for them. Apart from that, I see no reason to call MUAs
'suitable' based on whether or not they fix a problem that should be
fixed elsewhere.
 If I'm not mistaken, we're faced with a quite simple cost/benefit
scenario: how many people want to reply just to the list when
responding and how many people want to reply just to the OP when
responding. If the first number is higher than the second, then we're
imposing extra work on people (either by asking them to manually fix
email addresses or by bullying them into changing email clients) if we
stick to the solution that fit the second group.

But it's still a moot point, as the admins of the list won't be
changing settings.


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