Left 4 Dead 2, by far my favorite game on the PC, is my current fixation. I
enjoy Battlefield 2: Bad Company but tend to get annoyed having to face
opponents 5-10 x my level. You can find me as Captain Cujo on both games.

On Sun, Apr 25, 2010 at 10:37 AM, Nathan Rixham <nrix...@gmail.com> wrote:

> however, there is one
> caveat which is Civilization 4 (which i haven't played for about 2 years
> now)

If you'd like to enjoy Civ4 again, might I humbly suggest you grab The BUG
Mod (BTS Unaltered Gameplay) if you have the Beyond the Sword expansion
pack. It doesn't alter any game rules as the name suggests, but it vastly
improves the user interface. BAT includes BUG plus a bunch of nice terrain
and civilization-specific graphics to make it very pretty if your video card
is more modern. I'm EmperorFool, the lead developer on the BUG team.

There are other quality game-changing mods for Civ4 such as Legends of
Revolution, History of Three Kingdoms, Dune Wars, and Rise of Mankind that
add more spice to the game.

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